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The village of Stromi, founded many centuries ago close to the upper sources of the river Mornos in Central Greece, is rich in environmental adaptations, ecosystem developments, water management as well as a rich social life of the local communities and their traditions. The Cultural Centre of STROMI is a not-for profit association for the protection of nature and traditions. Over the last decades, it specifically focused on water issues. For more than ten years now, our activities seek to raise awareness about water issues and water traditions at the local and at the national level, and to motivate people of all ages to get involved. Films and documentary projections, lectures, photographic exhibitions, leaflets, local river expeditions, activities about water, river bed cleaning by voluntary peoples, music festivals and the production by Nicholas Sfakianakis of the documentary “Traditional Water Management among Stromi Village people, Gkiona Mountain, Greece ” are among the most significant activities of our cultural centre. Beginning in 2005 with the 1st cultural event “The Water Spring of Life”, we placed our activities under the auspices of the Permanent Delegation of Greece at UNESCO and in the frame of the UN International Decade 'Water for Life' 2005-2015. The clean and healthy waters of the Oiti, Gkiona and Vardousia mountains, flow down to the Mornos river and the artificial lake of Mornos. The city of Athens and its suburbs, at 200 km distance, are the major beneficiaries of these waters. The main purpose of our involvement is to keep clean and healthy the overall hydrological system of this area and the wider river basin. To this end we involving people from the local community, from the administration and the government. In this way, we focus on action-oriented activities and policies that ensure the long-term sustainable management of water resources, in terms of both quantity and quality. We consider that “the big jump challenge” offers a great opportunity for us to join the big jump campaign and organise our annual cultural activity simultaneously with you as well as , further organisations from others places in Greece. Film:
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12.07.2015 15:00
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38.710404, 22.257932
Georgios Petsotas
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Stromi Village, Municipality of Delphi-Prefecture of Fokida
River Mornos

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